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Equestrian Products

We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular Equestrian products are shown below. Custom sizes and colors are available upon request. The flat braid poly is strong, soft and lightweight and is fully adjustable for a secure and comfortable fit (the poly braid allows for a better fit because there are no preset holes.) Polypropylene is also machine washable!!

Quick Halter

Probably our most popular item. Definitely, the most handy piece of tack you'll ever own! The Quick halter is 12' long, and when used on a standard size horse, gives you about a 6' lead. Great for a quick catch, quick release or short term tie out. And it's easy to use! Custom lengths are available.

Original Quick Halter by Top Knot-ch Tack

How to use the Original Quick Halter found at

Flat Halter

Hand crafted, using our 5/8" Polypropylene. The Flat Halter is available in several different colors and all sizes! A soft and comfortable halter that doesn't sacrifice durability and strength!

You can even mix up the colors and make it two-toned!!

Cross-tie Halter

The Cross-Tie halter is made using the same eye-splice construction as our other flat braid products. With the rings on the side, the Cross-Tie can be used as a traditional halter or as a side pull.

We carry several different Bridles. Your standard Headstall, shown here, comes with or without the reins. All one color, or mix and match colors for a different look!

One of our most popular items.

The Bitless crosses over the head and under the chin, encompassing the head. This provides even distribution of the pressure around the head. Pulling on both reins pulls your horse's head in and down, giving you better control. Pulling the reins to the left turns your horse to the left, using his head, not just his nose and the same to the right. An 8' loop rein is included in your purchase of the

Bitless Bridle.

*Other rein lengths and styles are available upon request.

Use with or without a bit!

As a halter or quick change bridle! Works great for lunging too!

The Halter Bridle is the most versatile bridle on the market today. Constructed from our flat braid poly that is strong, soft and lightweight and is fully adjustable for a secure and comfortable fit.

It can be used as a Standard Bridle. The adjustable bit straps allow for different combinations of styles so that the bridle can be used as a quick change bridle (different bits can easily and quickly be changed for riding or training).

Or use it as a Trail Bridle where the bit straps, bit and reins

can be removed leaving the horse still haltered.

It can also be used as a Side Pull Halter (no bit) for riding or training (this configuration is great for starting young horses).

And, of course, it makes a superb halter for training (lunging and ground manners work), as a cross-tie halter, and to lead one around.

Mini Halter

Made with the same style as our Standard Halters, only using a 1/2" Polypropylene that is a bit smaller for the smaller animals. These halters are available in 9 different colors. We an also make a Mini Halter out of our 5/8" rope, if desired. Just ask!

Shown here in the 5/8" Polypropylene. The Mini Bridle is available in 9 different colors in the 1/2" size and over 25 different colors in the 5/8" rope. Fully adjustable and very comfortable.

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