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Dog Products

We carry a wide range of dog products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular Dog products are shown below.

Slip Lead

The slip lead is a 6' collar and leash in one! It is especially handy for those who don't normally collar their dogs, as well as for those who are just looking for a quick lead to slip on and go. It has a leather adjustment strap that allows the leash to act as a choker style collar without the harshness of a chain. It is also great for training and can be made in any length which is perfect for distance command training.

This 6' leash provides an extra handle close to your dog when you need it! The soft polypropylene is gentle on your wrist.


"The full picture gives you the overall use of the leash. Notice the zoomed in picture for the best way to use the lower loop. This avoids finger grip fatigue, because the pressure is transferred to your wrist and the rest of your arm."


Our dog coupler gives you the convenience of walking two dogs at once, without the hassle of tangling leashes. The unique swivel ring promises to serve you well, as the dogs may overlap,

but will NOT get tangled! When used with two dogs, we guarantee this item not to tangle or your money back!

Made using our 5/8" or 1/2" flatbraid polypropylene. Standard Leash Length is 4'. Longer lengths are available for an additional charge. Mix & match colors or get your matching leash and collar together.

This new design gives you a lead from the shoulders, while putting the "pull" on the chest instead of the throat. Great for training to walk, they won't choke themselves and you have more control. The 'Loop' on the back also doubles as a seat belt holder for car rides!

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