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6 foot Slip Lead
Our ever popular Slip Lead, 6 foot in length. Collar and Leash in one. Soft, Durable, Washable!
Price: $14.95 $12.95
Cross-Tie Halter
Soft, Durable Cross-Tie Halter Made with Stainless Steel or Brass Hardware. Our unique design ensures that the hardware doesn't lay on the horse's face.
Price: $21.95 $18.00
Double Loop Leash
Multi-use Dog Leash. Extra handle one foot from the snap, giving you more control when you need it!
Price: $17.95 $15.95
No-Tangle Dog Coupler
Guaranteed not to tangle!
Price: $19.95 $16.95


For a Limited time, we have a special offer for our happy customers!
We are looking for great, high quality pics we can use on our website!! You will receive a free product for sending us quality pictures you are already taking!!
We need some more photos of our products in use and on your beautiful animals!!
We need to get some more items posted in the store and online, and we are asking for your help!!
Below is a list of what we are looking for right now, followed by details of how this works:

Cattle Necktie
Cow Show Halter
Calf Show Halter
*New* Cow Halter

Llama/Alpaca Products
Alpaca Halter/Bungalook style
*New* Standard Alpaca Halter
Sheep Halters
Goat Halters

Miniature Halter
Miniature Bridle
Miniature Bitless Bridle
Break-Away Halter

Details: You purchase the item you are interested in and let us know that you want to take advantage of this great opportunity and send us your photos. Once we receive your quality photos, that are usable on our website, we will refund you the cost of that item! It's that simple! Call or email with any questions!! call: 608-359-0058   or email:

**Limit one per customer**
You choose the color, you choose the size!!