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Browse below to view and/or purchase any of Tara's Custom Products. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions or need help placing an order or finding a specific product! Click on the 'Tara Jones Store' to the left to make your purchase!

Pieceful Perfect Custom Headstall

The pieceful playtime bridle is an original design by Tara to help accommodate quick switches, comfort and versatility for different breeds of horses. With complete comfort the top priority, the bridle comes in over 20 colors of custom rope that is handmade in the U.S. The buckles surround each piece so no need to tighten chicago screws, or punch holes. The rope is 100 % adjustable to custom fit all breeds and head sizes. The cheek pieces shorten to lift the bit to the desired height in the horses mouth. The nose band can be adjusted for close fit, or loosened to simply hold the cheek pieces in place and keep them from gaping open when pressure is applied to the reins while riding. The brow band is fully adjustable to fit a horse with a broad forehead, or, the side bands slide to accommodate the horses with the smaller ears, or more prominent temporal bones. You can also custom design your own conchos to add to your bridle for a separate charge.

Pieceful Pro Halter

A unique training halter that combines quality with an innovative concept for training or everyday use.

The Pieceful Pro Halter was designed by Tara to include all of the needs and comfort for the horse. This hand-braided halter is made with super soft marine flat braid rope. It is rot and mildew resistant and will not leave face abrasions that are possible with nylon or leather. The polypropylene product cleans easily and will not become dry and cracked over time. The flat braid items are made with internal stitching, and is designed so the hardware will not touch the horse's face. It is strong and lightweight and is fully adjustable for a secure fit, which is one of the halter’s best features. The nose band is adjustable to fit your horse’s nose area, and the poll piece ties in the "O" ring feature to secure the halter and create a comfortable fit for easy switching from one horse to another. The swivel chin piece allows for mobility when training a horse from the ground. This halter is also comfortable for use under a bridle because of the lack of hardware. The horse will not feel uncomfortable wearing both. Tara’s favorite feature is there are no knots on this halter to create pain or discomfort to the horse. The flat nose band is similar to a traditional halter but the softer rope and adjustability make it easy to place the nose band safely along the section of your horse's nose that will not irritate the horse. All the hardware used is good quality stainless steel to prevent rusting.

Halters are available for custom orders from pony size to draft size. You can add cross tie rings to the nose band, if you wish. Choose from one of the many colors offered.

!!NEW!! Clip on Halter

Pieceful Perfect Lunge Line

The sleek design of these lunge lines come in two lengths, 15 or 20 feet and are both burn resistant. The snap is removeable to easily replace with another type as your training progresses. The flat braid marine rope has a small amount of give, and will stretch slightly so your horse will feel a slight softness and be less apt to pull against it. It is easy to maneuver through your hands and is not as bulky as most round marine ropes. There is a popper at the end to get your horse's attention. Get rid of the bulk and bring simplicity back into lunging your horse. The 22 colors match the headstalls, halters, reins and leads.

Lariat, Two Tone

Lariat, Two Tone

Push Strap

Tara's New Book is Here!

It's here! Tara's first Riding Manual called "Solving the Riddles of Riding. Solving the Riddles of riding is a comprehensive step by step guide to help the rider, trainer, and instructor discover how to effectively use each part of the body to become balanced and effective. No matter what riding discipline, our influence upon our horse's back is an immense responsibility. By learning the details, as well as the coordination and strength, we can greatly change and mold our own bodies as well as our horse's. This unique blend of tools will not only teach the rider when to use them, but will also change the focus of our mind.

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